NetSuite development and consulting

We provide people-friendly NetSuite development and consulting services for all sizes of business and projects.

Google Maps for NetSuite

Did you know that we integrate Google Maps with NetSuite?

Head in the Cloud is a NetSuite consulting company with offices in the US and the UK. We specialize in customizing NetSuite to better fit your specific business processes. Our philosophy is that in everything we do, people are the most important aspect. We believe that NetSuite is an incredible system and our goal is to help your company utilize NetSuite to its greatest potential, delivering you incredible value.

Watch this one-minute promo video to see how HITC does magic with NetSuite:

Our NetSuite
Development Process

NetSuite Consulting Discovery Process

1. Discovery

What problems need to be solved in NetSuite? Are there any processes that can be automated? Is there a way to improve efficiency?

NetSuite Consulting Solution Design

2. Solution Design

We’ll plan a way to solve your problem. If possible, we will build it in a test account so you can see it and try it before live implementation.

NetSuite Solution Implementation

3. Implementation

We’ll build the solution into your production NetSuite account. When appropriate, we’ll also provide feature training and documentation.

NetSuite Consulting Support

4. Review & Service

We’ll follow up to ensure the solution provides the intended results. If any adjustments or additional features are needed, we keep going until you say it’s perfect!

Our Clients

  • Action Health
  • Sharps Audio Visual
  • Hydro Flask
  • VendScreen
  • BlackBag Technologies
  • Switchboard Interactive
  • Lightspeed Technologies
  • House Of Antique Hardware
  • CDI Corp

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