Our Services

We specialize in providing people-friendly NetSuite development and consulting services for all sizes of business and projects. If your company has implemented NetSuite and is seeking to improve the usability of the system or take advantage of the thousands of possibilities this tool has to offer, we are here to help you.

Our team works hard to build, maintain and nurture long-term relationships with our clients since we believe it’s the best way to produce great solutions. Many of our clients have been with us for five or more years. As we get to know a customer’s business better, our insight into their way of doing things deepens and we are able to provide better advice and highly tailored developments that will bring huge returns on investment. Additionally, as our customers get to know us better, their understanding of what can be done in NetSuite increases, enabling them to learn a lot from the platform while identifying opportunities for improvement and proactively prevent issues.
NetSuite SuiteScript Development


Adding new functionality and automating processes in NetSuite using SuiteScript is what we’re the best at. We are trained software developers with expertise in all of NetSuite’s APIs - we can make NetSuite do just about anything!

NetSuite Consulting


Need to get something done in NetSuite, but not sure where to start? We can help guide you to the right path. We are experts at translating complex business requirements into user friendly NetSuite solutions.

NetSuite Training

Advanced Training

Knowledge is power, and we are happy to share our expertise with you or your staff. If you need help becoming proficient in SuiteScript development or other advanced features. Regardless of what ability level you’re at currently, we can work with you to improve your skills with one-on-one tutoring sessions.

NetSuite Configuration

NetSuite Configuration

Do you have questions about the way your NetSuite is set up? Or are you wondering what that new feature would do if you enabled it? We get to know our clients’ NetSuite accounts very well throughout our long-term relationships and can shed light on which NetSuite features would be most helpful for your business.

Our Work

We've helped our clients utilize untapped abilities in NetSuite in various ways. Whether it's through custom development, user role and dashboard optimization, task automation, collaborating with business process planners, or user training, we produce quality work by analyzing your company's needs and problems and coming up with the best solutions. Below you will find some examples of the projects we've done in the past - take a look through the list to get an idea of the variety of things that are achievable in NetSuite.
SuiteMaps customers in a country SuiteMaps Transaction Search SuiteMaps Nearby Customers SuiteMaps multiple searches SuiteMaps Saved Search Matrix item entry Bulk processing - approve orders SuiteSign - sign transaction SuiteSign - Signed PDF Email Customer suitelet Advanced PDF template

Maps for NetSuite
Maps for NetSuite is a "Built-for-NetSuite" approved Google Maps integration for NetSuite. It enables you to map your NetSuite data (customers, transactions, vendors, etc.) on a standard Google Map interface. Start by watching the short demo video below, then you can install it from the SuiteApps tab in NetSuite as a 30-day free trial. Once you have the basics up and running, check out this second YouTube video that walks through some more advanced features. You can also learn more about it on SuiteApp.com.
SuiteMaps Customers in a Country SuiteMaps Transaction Search SuiteMaps Customers Nearby SuiteMaps Multiple Searches SuiteMaps Saved Search

NetSuite Record Speed Optimizer

This module intelligently pre-loads and caches commonly used records in NetSuite so that they load much faster when users actually go to access them. You can install this module in your own account today with a free 30 day trial.

Watch this short video to see how it works:

Automated Process Testing

This modules gives users the ability to create test cases in NetSuite for their processes. The test cases can be run automatically (on a schedule) so that administrators can find out when something changes or something breaks.

Watch this short video to see how it works:

SMS (Text Messaging) Integration
What would having automated SMS communication to and from NetSuite enable you to do? The possibilities are endless, but a few of the examples that the tools in this bundle enable you to do are: appointment reminders, quote approvals, shipment notifications, and bulk customer satisfaction surveys. Watch this short video to see how:

eSignatures in NetSuite
SuiteSign enables you to sign any record in NetSuite using your finger on any touch-screen devices (iPad, ChromeBook, etc). You can also add a signature using any regular computer with a mouse. Watch this video to understand how:
NetSuite SuiteSign Sign Transaction NetSuite SuiteSign Resulting PDF

Easy Payment Suitelet
This tool enables your customers to pay their invoices securely online (via NetSuite) without having to log into anything. See a live example here. Watch this short video to learn more:

Easy Sale Suitelet
This tool enables users to easily make purchases online from a simple product catalog, resulting in a sales order or cash sale in your NetSuite. See a live example here. Watch this short video to learn more:

Mass Emailer

In standard NetSuite, it’s not very easy to send an email to many recipients. For example, maybe you want to send an email blast out to all your employees. Or maybe you want to send an email to all your customers who have a certain product of yours? This bundle makes doing this sort of thing very easy. Watch this short video to see how:

And now as a special treat for any NetSuite developers out there - we now offer this module open source on GitHub! Check out this video detailing how to access and use this free version:

Matrix Item Entry
For clothing companies, the standard NetSuite item entry process on an order can be slow and tedious. Use this simple tool to quickly enter matrix items organized by standard size scales (S-M-L-XL-XXL, etc).

Bulk Transaction Processing
If any of the NetSuite bulk transaction processing screens (Approve orders, invoice orders, print packing lists, etc.) don’t have the features you need, let us know and we can enhance them for you!

Email Customer Suitelet
This gives you more options and more control when emailing transactions to your customers. You’ll see a list of all their recent transactions and you can easily select which ones to attach to an email. It also includes a sublist showing all the files related to the customer so you can easily check a box to attach them to the email as well.

Advanced Reporting Requirements
Are you having trouble getting the data you need from a report or saved search? We can help create advanced saved searches or visual data representation using the new SuiteAnalytics module.

Contract Renewals
We’ve done a lot of work with software companies to automate and enhance managing contracts and contract items. If you’re experiencing challenges or process bottlenecks with contracts in NetSuite, get in touch and let’s talk through it.

Advanced PDF Templates
Need some highly-tailored PDF printout templates created? We are experts in Freemarker templates and BFO PDF creation.

Customer Credit Card Payments
Our Easy Payment SuiteApp lets you give your customers an easy and secure way to pay their invoices online without requiring any log in. Watch this three-minute video to see how:

T3 Pedigree Tracker (Pharmaceutical)
Our T3 Pedigree Tracker bundle allows you to easily manage the ownership history (pedigree) records of the drugs you sell, automatically generating a PDF to be sent out with each sale. Watch this five-minute video to see how:

eCommerce Integration Assistance
Whether you are using a built-in NetSuite webstore (SiteBuilder or SuiteCommerce Advanced) or a third-party system like Magento or Shopify, we can help with the NetSuite side!

Harbour Mastery: ERP for SuitePorts
Harbour Mastery

We partner with Harbour Mastery, Inc. to manage maritime business needs in NetSuite. We specialize in setting up integrated mapping interfaces and user-friendly reservation scheduling grids.

i-Seaports™ is built on the Oracle NetSuite® ERP CRM platform and provides 24/7 online and real-time web-based vessel and cargo logistics operations management for all port personnel and real-time port partner services at a fraction of on premise costs offered by other solution providers. As an ERP it serves all participants in a seaport community – Operations/reservations, Security, Finance, Real Estate, Legal, Marketing, HRM, and their strategic trading partner relations.

To find out more, email us at harbourmastery@headintheclouddev.com.

SuiteApp / Bundle / Product Creation
Do you have an idea for a NetSuite bundle product? We can create it for you - from initial coding through BFN (Built-For-NetSuite) certification. Our team has created several successful SuiteApps for other partners over the years, and we'd love to be a part of your success story!